Mission, values ​​and vision. Strategic Plan

Strategic Plan

The most  important project of the ICS  Girona in which is immersed is the strategic allianz with the Institut of Health Care (IAS)This is why the lines to follow in the coming years are included in the Strategic Plan 2013-2015,the document containing strategies thet will drive our actions based on the guidelines of the Health plan of Catalonia 2011-2015 and founded on the integration of our resources and of our professional of ICS and IAS Girona, looking towards one main objective: the patient.

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The Territorial Management of the Institut Català de la Salut (Catalan Health Institute) is responsible for providing specialized health care to the citizens of  Girona through the  University Hospital of  Girona Dr. Josep Trueta ,and primary care through their  27 Institutions basic health within the framework of development and planning of the Department of Health of the Genaralitat.

  • Meets the needs and demands of population health defined by the Catalan Health Service ,providing health care,education and research of the highest quality and efficiency 
  • Promotes the professional and personal development of its members
  •  Develop service lines oriented according to new social needs and opportunities of globalization and knowledge economy present .


  • Humane treatment ,close and professional
  • Patient satisfaction and trust
  • Competence
  • Confidentialty
  • Teamwork
  • Coordination with others suppliers
  • Satisfaction of the professionals



The deployment of the model for health care,teching and research of the alliance  IAS-ICS Girona, has  signify and evidency in its results a progress in offering citizens the best solutions and remedies for health and care.