Servei Assistencial


The Cardiology service of the Hospital Josep Trueta de Girona is the reference for  cardiovascular disease of  Girona Health region (  800.000 inhabitants ) and upscale for an urban area of Girona (about 150.00 inhabitants ) . It has all the features except tertiary cardiology interventional  cardiac  electrophysiology and  cardiac transplantation, for which we have collaboration agreements with centers in Barcelona

Structure and internal organitzation

  • Intermediate cardiac unit  ( UCCI ) : 4 beds

- 2 full-time cardiologists
- Complete with central noninvasive monitoring of alarms and logging
- 1nurse per shift.

  • Hospitalitzation floor : 22 beds

- Cardiac telemetry with alarm center and  register.
- 3 nurses andz 3 auxiliary shift  . A caretaker .
- Medcial staff cardiologists of the hospitalization floor,in charge of the physiscians of the floor.

  • Admission of patients with  cardiovascular disease from emergency, outpatient,cardiac critical care unit, Intensive medicine Service  cabinets exploration and/or treatment of cardiology, other services of the hospital and from other hospitals.

Haw the service works and the different units

The aim of the service is full care to cardiac patients, with harmonious coordination among different units ,collaborating within the hospital  with other units, such as intensive care, nuclear medicine and cardiac surgery in a continuum of care.

Every morning held a general meeting in which the outgoing team reported about admissions and incidents .At this meeting attended by all the clinical teams and residents ,take decisions regarding medical discharges, medical transfers , procedures ,etc.After this meeting,proceed to the corresponding activity of the unit to which is alloted.

Weekly are held two teaching sessions(review and/or update basic themes and /or controversy; bibliographic session with detailed analysis of scientific publications. ) with the participation of with the participation of senior doctors and residents .  Tutors areresponsible for   coordinating the teaching of own and rotating residents from other  services , prioritizing always  monitored partizipation of all residents .

Also is held a weekly meeting involving surgical care, with the participation of cardiologists, surgeons,haemodynamics, experts in image (forming the  "heart team") in which are presented patients candidates for surgery and /or elective percutaneous revascularization. Thissession is essential to decide and  schedule the appropriate therapeutic modality for each patient.

Data  service

Head of  service: Dr. Gabriel Vázquez Oliva

Location: 6th floor  B and C
Phone Secretariat: 972940286

Unit that depend on it

  • Cardiologica intensive care unit

Location: 6th floor B
In charge of: Dr. Jaime Aboal i Dr. Pablo Loma

  • Haemodynamics and  interventional  cardiology

Location: 6th floor C
section head : Dr. Joan Bassaganya Vilarrasa
Responsibles: Dr. Martí Puigfel, Dr. Dani Rivero, Dra. Mérida Càrdenas i Dr. Xavi Oliva
Nurse referent: Sra. Goretti Capella Molas

  • Intermediate cardiology care unit and  Hospitalization

Location: 6th floor B
Responsibles: Dr. Xavier Albert i Dr. Daniel Bosch

  • Unit of congenital heart diseases in adults

Location: 6th floor C
Responsible: Dr. M. Jesús Pérez Ayuso

  • Cardiovascular examination area

Location: 6th floor C
Reference nurse: Mrs. Mercè Domingo Riba

  • Imaging heart unit .  Doppler ecography

Responsibles: Dr. M. Jesús Pérez Ayuso i Dr. Manel Morales Fornós

  • Stress tests

Responsible: Dr. Gabriel Vázquez Oliva

  • Holter and monitoring pacemaker

Responsibles: Dr. Daniel Bosch i Dr. Júlia Roure

  • Heart failure unit  PISA

Location: 6 th floor  B  and day Hospital
Responsi ble medical: Dr. Júlia Roura Fernández
Responsiblenursing: Mrs. Lluïsa Garcia Garrido

  • Electrophysiology and peacemaker laboratory

Location: 6 planta C