Anesthesia and resuscitation

Servei Assistencial


  Anesthesiology and  Resuscitation service is responsible for the overall care and pain relief surgical patients before,during and after surgery .

 Besides surgery, the specialty deals with other areas such as the treatment of chronic and acute pain, the management of cadres and critical emergency situations, facilitating the realization of diagnostic tests inside and outside the surgical area.
 Secretary Phone: (0034) 972940226

 Second floor: Surgical area, CLAW (URPA), resuscitation and Secretariat.
 First floor: Pain Unit.
 Pavelion External Consultations (first floor): Consultations  preoperativeanesthesia

Visiting hours for relatives of patients admited to recovery : Every day from 10:00 am and  19:00 pm.

Pain Unit Shedule: Monday,Tuesday,Wednesday and Friday from 9 am to 15 pm.

Shedule Preoperative in Outpatients: Tuesday,Wednesday and Thursday from  9 am to  15 pm (often extended to Monday and Friday)