Servei Assistencial


Pathology service is a central service of theHospital which aims to give excellent care to the people also developing in teching and research in the area of health.

  • The Pathology Department examined tissue samples and body fluids in order to diagnose diseases of patients and attend the therapeutic decisions of of doctors of different care specialties.
  • pathologists and pathology technicians  are specialists who also have the mission of   prevention, early detection and diagnoss of cancer and other diseases .
  • The Pathology department perform clinical autopsies, not only to determinate the cause of death of ppatients,but also to give more information  about the undercurrent diseases and the effects of the treatments used during the progression of the disease.
  • Althought our  mission as a medical specialty remains the same, our scope has undergone major changes in recnt years due to technological advances in molecular biology .

`Pathologists diagnose not only trough the study of the microscopic and macroscopic tissue and cytological samples, but also generate information needed for decision making in the field of oncology. Analyze and interpret this information in the form of biomakers and molecular therapeutic targets that are useful towards establishing a personalized treatment and prognosis