Major Ambulatory Surgery

Major Ambulatory Surgery does  does not require hospitalization,ie,in a few hours the patient is operated and discharged home.

Not all operations can be made by this system,only those that are short,littel bloody,little painful and very controlled, such as hernias, phimosis, extirpation of benign breast tumors and most common cataracts.
The most frequent operations in our  Hospital are the following specialties:  ophtalmology, pediatrics, maxillofacial, orthopedic surgery, general surgery, gynecology, urology, and  otolaryngology.

When a patient can have major ambulatory surgical treatment is the surgeon who communicates and inform the patient . Then the doctor refer the patient to the outpatient anesthesia, which is carried out preoperative,ie, perform a series of testsand if necessery provides medication so that the patient arrives in good conditions at the  Hospital. The day before the patient get a call from the unit to remind the appointment and the need to come in fasting and accompanied
Usually local regional anesthesia is applied , althoug in some cases, general anethesia can be applied. Usually operations do not last more than one hour.Un cop intervingut, el pacient passa al postoperatori. Within few hours the patient can be discharged home . The nurses provide the medication to be taken and the next day they contact the patient to know if any complications has arisen. However,users have a phone to contact the Hospital 24 hours a day.