Outpatient services

Outpatient care visits  at Hospital Universitari de Girona Doctor Josep Trueta averaging  1.500 visites per day i n 85 consulting rooms ,performed in two buildings : the Outpatient building  located in the hospital environment -behind emergencies- and the  Centre of specialities Güell (c. Joan Pons n. 6).

Most of specialities do assistance every day in morning and/or afternoon shift. And more users who come for visit. Check  planning of medical  consultations , to find the especialists, schedule and location of the consultation.

headsa of service of the hospital Universitari de Girona Doctor Josep Trueta do check all the request for visitsthey receive and decide if these correspond to the hospital; depending on the pathology decide by which doctor must take care of the patient; and according the urgency of the request. According these parameters estbish schedule of visits

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