Trueta, friendly hospital

Hospital Universitari de Girona Doctor Josep Trueta advocate to be characterized as a friendly Centre regarding their patients,their staff and the society that sorrounds it.Therefore we perform a series of activities and care services that intendet precisely to make friendlier the hospital saty .Afterwords we relate some of the activities inside this initiative  "Trueta,friendly hospital ".

Health  Promoter Hospital

Hospital Universitari Doctor Josep Trueta de Girona is a membre of the Network  of Hospitals Promoting catalan health since 2005. Since then the commission created by the same year,works on the lines of the International Networks of WHO and the Catalan Network.Specifially in the field of health literacy and quality standards and quality standards  (definition and evaluation of standards to promote health,promoting continuity of care and patient education,continuity of care,occupational health standards,etc---)
Hospital smoke free
The Hospital is part of the Catalan network of hospitals without smoke since 2004. This network adopts the criteria of the European network of hospitals without smoke regarding commitment against smoking, communication to implement smoke-free policies, education and training in order to attend smokers and support the cessation,identification of smokers and support smoking cessation, standard control consumption, signage, healthy workplaces and health promotion.
Commited to environment
the Hospital day-by-day shows the clear commitment of the organization towards the environtment. The management of the center works for the stablishment and development of an environmental management system in order to obtain environmental quality certification. This regard, the actions performed contribute the fulfilling the legal requirements protect the environment and prevent and reduce impacts.

Standing by volunteers organizations
Volunteer program,coordinated by the Citizen care Unit came into operating 1993 with the aim of coordinating the work were being carried out separatly socially oriented associations. The aim of this program is to ensure give the users of the Hospital an integrated care, take care of the human aspects, it has the means to ensure the qualityu of care; and provide channels for citizen participation in the Hospital and their organization. People who are part of this program are voluntary and altruistic benefits.See here  the organizations that currently develop volunteer activities at our center.

Engagement with citizens
The Hospital has historically very in mind his involvement in the city of  Girona and its inhabitants. From organizing activities to make the saty more pleasent for patients to create a council with participation of representatives of different social sectors to inform society of the major projects of the center and its day to day .

For Christmas organizes a "tió" for children in pediatrics,singing Christmas songs, visit of sportsmen, three Kings parade...,also celebrates Sant Jordi, organize workshops and schos for children, have open days, popular races, conferences, exhibitions, benefitng visits for schools and colaborates with different schools to help decorate the Hospital for christmas and a long that we can say that Trueta has a commitment to its citizens.So,there is a close collaboration between health centers and the city of Girona. We want to be characterized to be a friendly hospital.